Different Types of Product Photography Every Business Needs to Know
Different Types of Product Photography Every Business Needs to Know

The product photography to any online store owner is like the heart of the system. Product photography is the fundamental task of any eCommerce business: the higher the quality of the product images, better is the conversion rate of the online store.

So, here are a few types of product photography which every online store owners must know

Individual Product Photography

Individual product photography is used when there is only one product to shoot. This kind of photography is used to highlight the features of a single product which are easily understood by the visitors.

Close Up/ Detailed Photography

Detailed photography requires specific camera settings to zoom and focus on a certain part of the product. This is done especially to highlight one feature of the product.

Close up photography is used for indoor products like Jewellery, kitchenware, etc. as it is a great way to set expectations of a client regarding the product.

As closeup photography provides details of a product very clear, the customers can understand how the product looks like when received. This helps in boosting the conversion rate of the product.

Scale Photography

Scale Photography is used by many eCommerce stores to give an explanation to a product in comparison to the size of the other products.

Scale photography highly focuses on rendering the size of the product.

Packaging Shot

Packaging shots are nothing new in the product photography industry. Unpacking videos get millions of views every month on YouTube. Many eCommerce stores and other businesses spend millions of rupees only on designing their unique packaging, so there will be a natural requirement for any industry to capture the unpacking shots.

This kind of product photography is needed when companies go long on elaborating their brand package. It is mostly used when the packaging speaks volume of the brand identity.

360-degree photography

Most of the shoe brands and cycling brands have taken up 360-degree photography as one of their main advertising types to promote their products. The 360-degree photography aligns with the highly technical audience of the shoe and cycling brands.

The technology used is the same for every brand, but the design varies from brand to brand, which sets them out of the competition.

Moreover, 360-degree photography is only suggested for stores that have good space on their hosting servers and can handle heavy loads, as it can hamper the page loading speeds which in turn affects the conversion rate of the store.

Hanging Object Photography

Hanging object product photography is done to give a 3D touch to any product on the online store. This kind of photography is used when the product shape is unusually shaped like accessories, jewellery pieces, that need extra dimension and depth.

Simple Studio Shots

Simple studio shots are also known as flat lay photography which is the most basic type of product photography. The basic requirement of doing the flat lay photography is that the shots should be taken in a professional studio.

These shots can have individual products, group images, which are against a decorated background or a plain white background.

The studio shots are mainly used when an eCommerce owner is well established and ready to spend money on the professional product photography services or when the eCommerce owners want to establish it as a brand in the long run.

White Background Product Photography

White background product photography is another basic level product photography which is considered to be most effective in bringing sales to the product.

Most of the popular eCommerce stores like Amazon focus on such basic type of images which are shot against the white background. If a merchant wants to trade his products on online platforms like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc. he can choose the white background product photography services.

Social Media Product Photography

This is one of the latest types of photography in the eCommerce industry. Nowadays, most of the people started purchasing the products through the stores advertised on social media. Instagram and Facebook are the two best places to hunt for such products.

With the increasing demand for social mediabased product purchase, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have come up with custom dimensions to promote eCommerce products.

So, if an eCommerce store owner promotes the products through social media platforms, he or she must take care of the dimensions of the image in their advertisement.

The background, combinations, creatives, etc. should be very appealing to the audience as it can create impulse purchase action and lead to more conversions on the store.

Promo Images

Promo product photography is used across multiple channels for advertisement. It comes with multiple combinations of product photography like placing a logo and inscription beside the image of a single product or a collage.

Process Product Photography

Process product photography services are usually taken when the eCommerce owner wants to show their users how the product looks like when being used. This type of product photography is usually done in the beauty industry, where the models are shown using the products.

This gives the client an idea about how effective the product is and how it can be used?

Mannequin photography

This kind of product photography can be usually observed in the fashion industry. Mannequin photography allows the client to understand how a piece of clothing looks on him or her.

Most of the fashion store owners use this kind of product photography to show the user regarding the fit, elasticity, and also the quality of the product.


These are some of the different types of product photography which comes in handy to different niche store owners.

If you are a new eCommerce store owner, then it is recommended to spend a good amount of money on getting quality product shots that resonate with the customers. This will help in increasing product sales on your store.