Europe: A Year Round Travel Destination

Europe is a conglomeration of drastically different cultures adjacent to one another. It has something for everyone, regardless of their inclination. There are natural wonders like mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, parks valleys, sea, canons etc.

There are sprawling metropolitan cities with tall skyscrapers, parties, tourist’s attractions and many more. For those with an appetite for the arts, there are museums, galleries, concerts, operas and architectural gems like the pyramid of the Lurve, the Buckminsterfullerene, medieval churches and castles and keeps of the old. Nearly every European settlement has an older part of town so anachronistic that a visitor will feel transported back a couple of centuries.

Europe caters to adrenaline junkies and those who like to live life on the edge with mountain climbing, parasailing, paragliding, snorkeling, kayaking, and many more adventure sports. The ardent fans of more traditional sports may rest assured that Europeans are just as fanatic about many sports like football, hockey, ice hockey, golf, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, basketball etc.

You can indulge the diva in you by shopping in Paris, Milan or Prague. How about letting loose at a party in Ibiza, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin or London? Then a relaxing day on the beaches of Greece, Italy or maybe Spain.

Hungry? Eat up to your eyes with the best dishes of Italy, Spain, England, France, Greece, or Switzerland which is altogether unique. With the mean enjoy a glass or two of the best local wine that tells a story of the region all by itself. After the meal comes to the dessert course with some chocolates from Belgium Turkish delight and Creme Brule.

Not to forget, it is better to get some souvenirs to take back home both as a reminder of the experiences, but also to share them amongst friends. No one would refuse a swiss watch or Swarovski from Austria!

Whatever Be the Season, A Tour To Europe Can Be Wonderful And Exhilarating.

With winter sports like skiing in the Alps, ice skating, sledging with Huskies, or a snow fight, ice hotels, the carnival at Nice, the northern lights, the winter palace at St. Pettersburg, Ice tunnels in Iceland, ice fishing in Finland not to mention the Christmas and new year celebrations, winters in Europe can be an enthralling experience.

Winter is slowly becoming more popular with tourists so it is better to book the best Europe tour packages from Dubai before visiting.

Spring is the most anticipated season by the entire world. Spring means the end of a long and cold winter. It is the renewal of life after death and deary times. All places in Europe looks like a fairy tale land with the blooming of flowers, the chirping of birds, the green, full trees, the butterflies that fitter about, the delicious and fresh fruits and berries and the thawing of water that was frozen during winter.

There is no better time to visit Europe than in spring when everything looks and feels magical. There is Easter weekend in the Vatican, the King’s day in the Netherlands, the Hamburg DOM, and the Oslo medieval festival to look forward to in spring. Spring is not very crowded and hence one can get cheap packages to Europe.

The summer is the busiest season for traveling for both European and foreign tourist. France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and England are amongst the top ten visited counties in the world with millions of visitors and billions worth tourism industry.

Europeans soak the sunlight by spending time outside. Midsummers of Sweden, the tomato festival of Spain, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland are crowd pullers.  Tourist spots and monuments are frequented like the big eye in London, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, in Paris, the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy, Venice, Athens and beaches of Greece, the Colosseum in Rome and the bazaar in Istanbul. So when traveling to Europe in summer it is better to seek the best Europe tour packages from Dubai to get the best possible experience. Autumn has Halloween, the harry potter festival, which is fun for adults and kids alike with costumes, parties, and trick or treats.

There is also La Merce in France, Cornish food festival, Budapest art festival, Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla of Spain and Amsterdam Dance festival to look forward to. Autumn doesn’t get many travelers, so it is easy to get cheap packages to Europe. So start packing!

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