How much does a brain surgery cost in India?

All kinds of medical conditions related to the brain are very intricate which require a lot of detail. Brain cancer is one of them and the surgery involving this cancer is a complex one.

As you are diagnosed with a disease like the brain tumour (cancer), a lot of stress takes over you. The only respite, in this case, is opting for the best treatment for cancer in India. You must get in touch with the best surgeon at once to discuss all the important details related to the brain tumour.

A brain tumour refers to an abnormal growth of the tissues taking place in the central spine or brain which takes a toll on the overall functioning of your brain. The tumours involving brain cancer are categorized in terms of their point of origination as well as their overall nature. These tumours could be benign or malignant in nature. The former kind of tumour is non-cancerous; however, you are required to be a little careful with the latter kind of tumour. Apart from this, these tumours could also be categorized on the basis of their origin.

Treatment alternatives to a brain tumour depend upon a number of factors including the size, type as well as the location of a tumour. At the same time, the age of the patient is also taken into consideration while deciding the treatment option of the brain tumour.

Following are the common treatment options for brain tumour:

  • Surgery:

If a tumour is located at a place in the brain which is easily accessible, surgery is done to treat the concerned tumour. If a tumour is small and could be separated from the surrounding tissue without any trouble, the entire tumour could be removed by the doctor. Surgery is considered to be one of the best treatments for cancer in India. However, it possesses a number of risks such as bleeding and infections.

  • Radiation therapy:

Radiation therapy includes the use of high energy beams like X-rays or protons to eliminate the tumour cells. The beams could be either focused on one single sell or dispersed to the whole brain if the cancer is spreading throughout the brain.

  • Radiosurgery:

This is not a typical form of surgery and the same makes the use of a number of radiated beams using which a tumour is killed. A single beam is not very powerful, however, if multiple beams are used on a single point, they become very powerful and can kill the tumour cells.

  • Chemotherapy:

This therapy is all about the use of drugs in order to kill all the tumour cells causing cancer. The intake of drugs could either be in the form of injection or pill. The side-effects of this treatment option include hair loss, vomiting, and nausea.

Cost of brain tumour treatment:

Brain tumour treatment cost falls on a higher side in all the western countries. Among all the eastern countries, India is known to be a place providing quality treatment that it offers for different kinds of cancers, that too within a nominal cost (if compared to the western world). The average cost of brain tumour treatment in India is 6,000 USD. You can take a medical tour to India and get the treatment of a tumour done with all the right measures and under an expert’s hand.

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