What to Look For When Buying a Used Heavy Truck?
What to Look For When Buying a Used Heavy Truck?

Buying a heavy truck is a big investment, and you would need to do extensive research when purchasing one used. Heavy trucks are commercial vehicles weighing three tonnes or more when unloaded and have an average length of eight metres. Their movement is restricted to certain areas and requires a skilled driver to manoeuvre them due to their size.

Heavy trucks are used to transport a variety of goods across large distances and even across countries. Therefore, before purchasing a used truck, there are several important factors to take into account. You will need to research about the different types of heavy trucks available and choose one suitable for your needs and within your budget.

To make the truck buying process simpler, you can create a checklist of items to help you during each step.

  • You can start by first identifying your needs and requirements for a heavy truck.
  • The second important factor to consider is how much you are willing to spend– it is always a good idea to set a budget not to be swayed by a much fancier purchase.
  • Once you have completed these two steps, it will help you narrow down to a couple of options from the several. A good way to ascertain the condition of the truck is by checking its history with the owner.
  • You can also get a mechanic to inspect the truck for its current condition.
  • Finally, you will need to go over your financing and insurance options.

While this is a good way to start your truck buying process, there are several other things to consider. You will need to go over the truck’s history in detail and have a trained professional inspect its engine condition, the condition of other moving parts and what kind of repairs it may need in the future. We go over some helpful tips for you to consider when buying a used heavy truck.

Conducting History Check on Used Heavy Trucks

This would include going over the truck’s accident history, maintenance and oil change records and if there have been any recent upgrades.

The first thing you would need to find out from the owner is why they are selling the truck. Typical reasons for selling a truck may include:

  • Owner upgrading to a newer/better model
  • Cost of maintenance of existing truck is a lot
  • Several mechanical problems with the truck
  • The owner does not need the truck anymore

The next thing you would want to consider is the maintenance history of the truck. You can find out if the truck has been serviced regularly and what parts have been replaced. This can help you determine what future maintenance costs might look like.

You will need to also go over the oil change records. If the vehicle has not received regular oil changes, then it may face problems with the engine. If you cannot find these records, this is a sign of caution, and you may want to look at other options.

If you want a clearer picture of the truck’s physical condition, then the accident history may be of help. The records will reveal if the truck was involved in any accidents, the damage and which parts have been replaced.

Oftentimes, truck owners may want to sell the truck because the cost of replacing worn-out parts may not seem economical. You will need to get a good mechanic experienced in truck repairs to inspect parts closely. Remember, if the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is. You will also need to be aware of certain models of trucks that have engine issues. Researching online can help you identify this make and model number.

Quality Inspection on Used Heavy Trucks

Upon completion of the above checks, you will need a qualified person to check the details of the truck.

Start by looking for rust on the outer surfaces of the heavy-duty truck and within as well. Rust is a good indicator that the vehicle has not been well-maintained and may be a sign that is nearing its end of life. Typically, truck owners may paint over rust to hide it while selling. However, raised spots or patches under the paint is a clear indication.

You can then check the number of miles on the truck. If you intend to drive your truck frequently and on long distances, you may want a truck with low miles. However, even if the truck has more miles on it, it could be an option if it is well-maintained.

The tire tread needs to be carefully inspected because worn-out tires may need additional investments in the short-run. You can also get a general idea of how often the truck is driven based on the last tire change.

Assessing Used Trucks on Mechanical Operation

Heavy Trucks are available in automatic and manual transmissions. Based on your personal needs and requirements, you may opt for the one that you are most comfortable with. If you feel like you are not qualified to inspect a judge based on its mechanical and operational condition, there are experts such as truck mechanics who can help you out.

Financing, Insurance and Extended Warranty for Used Trucks

After you have settled on a particular used truck that meets most of your needs, you will need to consider financing options. Not all lenders deal with financing used trucks, therefore you will need to scout for ones in your area. Moreover, qualifying for used truck insurance is not a guarantee as it depends on your financial history and the condition of the truck.

Next, you will have to obtain insurance. Insurance rates vary based on the insurance provider, and you will need to check their coverage options based on your needs.

For additional safety and security, you can ask for extended warranty when purchasing from a dealership. These warranties are particularly useful when you are unsure about the long-term costs of owning a used truck.

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