How to Use: Splice Connector
How to Use: Splice Connector

A splice connector is a specialised tool designed for splicing wires together. Several kinds of splice connector are available today, including push wire terminals, crimp barrel foil terminals, crimp closed-end terminals, crimp butt splice terminals, and tap splicers.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about splice connectors and how to use them.

What is a splice connector?

If you’re still wondering, ‘I get it connects wires—but what exactly is a splice connector?’, you’ll find your answer here.

In more complex terms, a splice connector is a type of wire termination device made from vinyl plastic.

The tool features a sharp metal insert designed to cut through a set of wires’ plastic insulating jackets and crimp them together. You can cut through and crimp two or more wires.

Once you’ve crimped the wires, you’ll close the splice connector to hold the connections together securely.

They’re a quick, handy tool for workers in any industry where connecting wires is a common task—such as the electronics and automotive industries.

Now, let’s walk you through how to use this nifty tool. Keep a set of pliers on hand—you’ll need to use them along with the splice connector.  


  • Stripping insulation


Start by stripping one inch from the end of each cables’ insulation jacket and inner foil shield. 

Make sure to leave the interior wires alone—the individual ones covered with coloured plastic jackets.


  • Inserting the wires


Next, insert one of the individual wires from a single cable into your splice connector’s wire hole. 

Make sure to push the wire’s end all the way in. You can check if you have inserted it correctly by looking through the splice connector’s clear side—most will come with one.

Now, insert the same-coloured wire from your other cable into the splice connector’s second wire hole.  


  • Setting the connector


Have your pliers handy for this step.

It’s time to set your splice connector into your plier’s jaws. Do this by firmly applying pressure with the pliers, snapping the splice connector’s top and bottom parts together.

If you’ve done this correctly, the splice connector’s sharp blade will cut through your wires and clamp them together, creating a secure connection.

Repeat this process with the rest of the wires you’d like to connect.  


  • Securing the cables


Once you’ve spliced all your cables, use a plastic zip tie to secure them together. This will prevent the spliced connections from coming apart.

Make sure to wrap your zip tie around the bottom part of each cable’s stripped insulation jacket—then tie it off.

To clean up and finish the job, trim down the zip tie’s end with a pair of sharp scissors.

And you’re done! 

How easy was that?


Splice connectors are handy tools used for connecting or splicing two or more wires. They work by safely cutting through the wires’ plastic insulating jackets and securely crimping them together.

By learning how to use a splice connector properly and safely, you can train up your employees and seriously boost your business’s productivity.